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By John Foster

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Handy Maiden


the good thing about having friends all over the world is that if you travel you’ll always have places to stay and friends to hang out with but the bad thing about having friends all over the world is you barely ever get to see them and your heart hurts most of the time

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We have to memorize this really wordy Hawaiian piece for choir and I love singing it but I can’t get my brain to memorize the words right noooowww

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Arctic Monkeys + magazine covers
"Date someone who would rather watch your favorite movie with you then go to a party on Friday night. Date someone who will share their food with you even though you said you didn’t want any. Date someone who will warm your hands in the winter and kiss your pink nose. Date someone who will text you they love you at 2am and at 9pm. Date someone who will let you change the station in the car when they’re driving. Date someone who can make you smile when you would rather die. Date someone who makes your insides feel like you’ve just downed a bottle of vodka. Date someone who makes you better."


how do u reach such a level of cuteness where people draw you for fun





Believe me when I say, these are the BEST Muppet bloopers ever. Please, please WATCH. You get to watch Frank Oz’s sanity slowly slip away. Priceless.

“Hubba wah?! HUBBA HUBBA HUBBA WAH?! Hubba WAH?!?”

Literally the GREATEST THING I have ever seen! Oh my God, the fact that they stayed in character and kept puppeteering the whole time. I’M CRYING!

The fact that this video now has 8,000+ notes makes me so damn happy.

Praise jesus someone posted this— they’re literally the best.  It’s even funnier when you know what Ma’s voice ACTUALLY sounds like in the movie and then you hear Frank Oz doing essentially a scratchtape version of it for the actual filming.  

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Track Title: Songs to Have Sex To #52

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The fact that I’m legally an adult is hysterical

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A Great Big World - Already Home (Starring Darren Criss & Jessica Szohr)